Avenza Di Carrara 1977

Avenza Di Carrara 1977
Newspaper Mölndals Posten
Speciale Ingrid Ström
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Avenza Di Carrara 1977

Avenza di Carrara, Solo Exhibition, 15-30 juni 1977, Galleri Via Campo D’Appio 1, Italy


Avenza di Carrara, Solo Exhibition, 15-30 juni 1977, Galleri Via Campo D’Appio 1, Italy

Newspaper Mölndals Posten

Avenza di Carrara, Solo Exhibition, 15-30 juni 1977, Galleri Via Campo D’Appio 1, Italy

Ingrid Ström, painter and graphic artist from Mölndal are out on a odyss’e to Italy with a several of her paintings. She went to Avenza di Carrara, where she has indeed been received with great intresst. One newspaper have even gone through all her voluminous scrapbook, including her articles from Mölndal-Posten invoked when you went for buy desirous Italians wanted to talk about what great Artist Ingrid Ström is in Sweden. Well, in truth should be understood to be said that from scrapbook retrieved other statements from the Swedish art critic. Under all conditions is the ongoing exhibition a definite success for Mölndal perhaps most “international” among the performers.

Italian is not one of those languages without Swedish as we can. We can, however, after the translation from Italian friends deduce that Ingrid Ström is currently on everyone’s lips in Avenza di Carrara. Not only thus that she is to a large gallery, her fresh Nordic colors and motives really impress on the “flammable” Italians. One can really read between the lines of their desire to see the land which the Swedish artist, reproduced in oil.

What apparently most impressed the Italians are the “painterly” motives Ingrid Ström had brought with her from the Bohuslän cutting garden. As she otherwise feeling well, bohuslän up as she is. Without directly knowing what it is for things Ingrid Ström has with her to Italy, so we can as yet guess at the style in which it all works and with knowledge of Ingrid’s qualifications in oil, and her exquisite sense of color, so understand we full well that it has become a huge success. Motives by Sweden’s frontpage (to steal this selling slogan from Gunwald Hakansson) is such that hit worldwide. And with Ingrid’s hand on the brush is an additional guarantee that it is reproduced correctly.

The artist from Mölndal, Ingrid Ström announces itself with its “new” accommodation town occasionally. among other things, she says to be both charmed and impressed by the Italians way to meet her art. Actually I answered yes to the invitation immediately to get a few weeks’ holiday, while I saw a chance to meet the country (ltaly) that has given me so many reminicenser of beauty and joyful life.

I do not know if I should be sad or happy, because I have so far had as much to do with the show that I have not been able to enjoy so much of this wonderful country yet. But I have met wonderful people and I’ve got a clean incredible reception, with my artwork. I am overjoyed, ending Ingrid Ström.

And absolute she deserves her success, and absolutely we have for long time been aware of Ingrid’s capacity, but it must be the overwhelming reception from the international context in order to open our eyes infront of what we have at home.

Congratulations Ingrid, and congratulate you Italians who had the opportunity behold (and purchase) really nice Swedish art … JON-E LISSHAMMAR

Speciale Ingrid Ström

Avenza di Carrara, Solo Exhibition, 15-30 juni 1977, Galleri Via Campo D’Appio 1, Italy

Why Ingrid Ström is in Italy by, Salvatore Sicilia;
Ingrid Ström is one of our discoveries. A painter who has “painted” a variety of cloths, and has a way of painting that is typical of most Swedish Artists. It has been Ingrid’s desire since childhood to paint the magnifica green, blue and brown Bohuslän on the Swedish west coast. Framed by a picturesque natural idyll, Ingrid felt herself strong inspired by the knowledge that artistic ancestors left behind. Ingrid Ström was introduced to us by a colleagues, poet Alex Christensen.

From that moment, a landscape with bright colors and warmth of an unknown Sweden, have persecuted us in our daily work. Thanks to an artist who, like Sven Svensson, well known artist for his Nordic art, continued to paint horses, still life, rocks, beaches, interiors and figures.

Today, Ingrid Ström is in Italy; and she is pleased to be exhibiting for the first time, after a drive of 200 mil, from Mölndal to Avenza.

What does the criticism of her paintings? It is like a play of colors, a palette full of violent force that decreases when the work is completed.

In Sweden, the critics agree that Ingrid Ström reflects a genuine, realistic and genuine Scandinavian art, which can not be called naive.

In fact, the particular painting the structure and aesthetics, neither copy nor is bordered to an everyday art of the people. Instead they have a concentration of tints outside the usual one must absorb slowly and with feeling, because this is Ingrid’s painting.

That is why Ingrid Ström is in Italy. Among so much painting of shades and green Mediterranean colors, to provide a wind plaster of the North. To imbibe and observe as well as a painter gain a greater understanding of the nature and things around herself.

Who is Ingrid Ström?
She looks into your eyes and although Italian is alien to her, can Ingrid “feel” the conversation with the interpreter.

Ingrid is a woman with a well developed intuition that understands naturally beautiful and leaves it to the side that is unattractive and ugly.

Ingrid Ström live a happy time because she is aware of an exuberant unknown world that she can detect when she paints and express themselves with colors, in time of her soul is at ease to herself for she has a picture, a corner, or a part of the world who live in the function of unknown but vital organisms for humanity.

Ingrid Ström is happy when she tells her story on the cloth and consider its lines, its contents, and expresses with her heart what she sees and feels. This means nothing that she can not speak Italian, so here, in this form and profile, we have come to know the painter Ingrid Ström here in Italy. we have to accept her enthusiasm that inspires a pleasing picture as well as a firm and resolute desire to paint.

As a whole, “Ingrid Ström.” A painter who works for her self and for the curious in all countries.

Ingrid Ström “seen” with 20 questions;
At age 14, Ingrid painted her first painting in Bokenäs. She has painted a lot of paintings to independently determine its own special references. Ingrid hope that the Italian Critics receive a positive impression of her art, and color-Semitism is well understood from the Italian’s side.

How did your love for painting started?
Even as a little girl in the house where I was born in the country, I felt in love with the horse. I started to paint pictures with horses, to express my admiration for these beautiful animals. Thus was born my love for painting.

What was your first painting, with which technique was it performed and what year and where was it painted?
My first painting, a painting, I painted at age 14 in Bokenäs, Bohuslän at the Swedish west coast.

When do you have time to paint?
I am a workaholic constantly discovering new values and especially when something interests me.

What is most important to fix in your paintings, animals, landscapes, inanimate objects, figurines?
First, animals and figures.

Do you think that your paintings will be given a placement of criticism Scandinavia painting history?
One have spoken positive about my colorism “sometimes a little rough” and the figures seem almost perfect as they appear in my art.

According to the way you see and judge, what difference there is between the Scandinavian painting and the Mediterranean, more specifically from Italy?
Since it is my first time traveling in Europe, I have not seen the new Italian art so much that I can compare. But I think that the painting’s origin is Italy.

During your art career have you ever asked your self who you want to be like among the painters who have submitted their artwork for posterity?
No. My painting represents only my way to see what is around me and have aroused my interest.

Have you never been afraid of not being able to realize what you have set you to do?
The question reflects a feeling that one feels almost always after you’ve finished a painting. Personally, I hope always to do better on the next painting.

Which of your paintings have given you the greatest satisfaction and for what reason?
The painting no. 4 because, according to my opinion is very realistic.

Have you ever asked yourself why and for whom you paint?
The most obvious answer is that I feel the need to paint to express my ideas. I paint for myself in order to give shape to my observations.

As a painter what have you to criticize the modern and contemporary painters, especially the young?
I do not come up with any criticism when it is about the question of young painters. Each of them has its own inspiration. As a painter, I will refrain from certain assessments which would be unreasonable as the subject for expression of my criticism.

As a painter, how have you been treated by the critics in Sweden?
The Swedish criticism so far has shown his grace towards me. To quote a typical sentence: “Ingrid’s colorism” is extremely interesting, and her creative imagination almost perfect.

How many works of art have you so far created and which of these could fit in a museum or in a public gallery, and for what particular reason?
Do not know. Some of these have got a place in museums. in the Musée des Beaux-Arts “Jules Chéret” Nizza (2st artwork), Musée des Beaux Arts – Menton (2st artwork), Louisiana Museum of mordern art (2st artwork). Two graphic works are at Statens Museum for Kunst and one graphic works are at Thorvaldsen’s Museum . Some have also got a place in collections of the city of Mölndal.

Ingrid Ström, Swedish woman, observatris of contemporary events. How do you judge yourself?
I look consider myself as a painter which is constantly looking for new ideas to expand my artistic skills.

In your opinion, what other painter in Sweden in addition, of course, you yourself have a good reputation? And for what reason?
Karin Parrow. I like her colorism.

Do you have destroyed any picture you painted the day before, or one you had at the show and received negative criticism for?
Sometimes I have destroyed a painting that i painted finished the day before, but I would never do the same with a painting that criticism sentenced in a negative way.

Now that you are outside Sweden, what do you expect from the Italian criticism for the first time will see your paintings?
I hope that the Italian criticism has a friendly eye for my canvases and that Ingrid’s colorism can meet the Italians’ liking.

What are the views you get of the artworks as the great Italian painters have left to us and which of them are you most interested in for your own artistic culture. And the Swedish?
It’s a question that I would like to answer after having admired the Italian art on site. I am particularly interested in Tiziano’s works. Among the Swedish painters I admire Bruno Liljefors that he paints nature and animals in a clean way.

What a Swedish painter has inspired you?
No Swedish artist has influenced me in some special way. I paint for my own inspiration.

If you were commissioned by a mecenate to paint a large wall like Sistine in the Vatican with “Giudizio” by Michelangelo, what would you like to create and how? If you were to paint a “Giudizio” in a mordern version, would you do it?
I would paint an object that has as main task of preservation of the untouched nature. In the case of a mordern version of “Giudizio” by Michelangelo, I believe that a such a work would not and should not be repeated in a modern version.

A work that “Giudizio Universale ‘by Michelangelo can not be produced in a modern version;
If I think of a meeting of Michelangelo’s works, I feel like a little human in front of a giant.

I have not seen the Sistine up close, but by the journal, I have been able to imagine what work Michelangelo has done. A painter and artist of a sort not found in any country in the world.

One wants my opinion about a possible painting in Avenza of a “Giudizio Universale” in a modern version. Firstly, I do not think anyone can order such a work. I can say that Michelangelo’s Giudizio is a work that is impossible to produce again even in a modern version.

Michelangelo have lived once, there is not and there never will be another Michelangelo in the world art history. So only the idea of a new Giudizio would be a dream, only a dream.

Two thousand kilometers from Mölndal, Sweden to Avenza to set out for the first time in Italy;
Ingrid has transported the works of art in a car. Has been on the road for three days, and from the grand gorgeous Sweden, she has come to Tuscany at the foot of the Apuane Alps in Avenza, the old Castruccio Castracanis Lavenza, to exhibit her art works in Italy for the first time.

Ingrid Ström has driving two thousand kilometers with her precious cloths, two of them rolled because they did not fit in the car framed. In Avenza became Ingrid received by a bright sun and clear blue sky.

Ingrid Ström has told Miliarden with the help of an interpreter, that the trip from Sweden to Italy has been full of surprises and vivid impression. The new landscape that she met, the magnificent scenery invited to an ever increasing curiosity.

What made the greatest impression on me was south Germany, northern Italy, Bressanone neighborhood, Apennines to La Spezia and zone around Apuanio with its white rock that made a strong impression on my imagination. There have been problems with the car during the trip. Ingrid drove herself the car from Sweden, but everything worked out well in the end.

Appenninernas beauty of Italy has made a deep impression on me, as the old classic Italian culture, specifically the old artworks that belong to the past historical culture of the country. Here in Avenza where we have stayed, the Castello di Castruccio Castracani fortress and the landscape particularly interested me.

Alex Christensson has in a special interview for the Milarden presented Ingrid Ström;
The Swedish poet Alex Christensen from Stockholm, has in a special interview for Miliarden, presented in Italy for the first time Ingrid Ström – the Artist.

Ingrid’s expertise is large. It covers the surreal and symbolic motifs to Impressionism. She observes with loved eyes tight Bohuslän landscape with its bare cliffs, sea and the whole of nature in the Swedish west coast. Ingrid paint amazzoner on horses, reminiscent of women you dreamed of during primitive times. Sometimes hangs her horses in the air, they look as if they could fly away so real are they, like birds in the heaven.

You will think of Marc Chagall and perhaps inspiration is the same, longing for freedom of the soul and the yearning to be realized.

Ingrid Ström is represented in the Musée des Beaux-Arts “Jules Chéret” Nizza (2st artwork), Musée des Beaux Arts – Menton (2st artwork), Louisiana Museum of mordern art (2st artwork). Two graphic works are at Statens Museum for Kunst and one graphic works are at Thorvaldsen’s Museum . Some have also got a place in collections of the city of Mölndal.

Ingrid’s personality radiates in her art. Many of her works are created during happy moments, such as her birds that are not found in any book on zoology, maybe they are beings from Paradise.

Without doubt, we shall hear much about this artist and that she wants to spread through his art, full of deep feelings directed against humanity. It is an honor for me to present today to the Italian people a Swedish artist: Ingrid Ström.

As its predecessors in modern art, from Impressionism, Dada and Surrealism, an effort she decided to express their thoughts and paint the figures of its internal contradictions.

Ingrid, as well as Max Ernst, the religious and austere upbringing in the home, influenced from childhood her personality and thinking.

You can feel this without difficulty in Ingrid’s work, where the struggle for freedom (even the woman’s place in society sometimes feels like a hopeless situation) becomes an artistic creation, considered by the middle class as a hobby irrelevant, alongside children and family-care.

I am convinced that one day the exceptional personality of the artist, like what happened in the story of the Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen, will become a beautiful swan flying away from the prison in order to develop their inner and unlimited possibilities and its world full of unique artworks.

Ingrid Ström in a note by Luigi Eboli for Miliarden;
The enterprising creation of Ingrid Ström, refreshed by a colorism with deep contrasts and pervasive forces that are meaningful in an environment of bright aromatic.

With a meandering touch of rapid impressions, paint Ingrid horses and swans which in my opinion are the best motives in widely compositions, where the design has an interesting ingenuity. And it’s not always thinking of the wonderful impressionism of the figures appearing almost floating in an atmosphere of a rare delicacy.

Ingrid Ström reproduces the Nordic properties in her colorism, where the first element is just a rare feeling dreamy fabulous atmosphere. Ingrid expresses herself with a vibrant imagination from which comes the sense of surreal consensus that makes her feel her art works belonging. Therefore we can say about Ingrid’s personality, that she does not waive a witty poetic accent that well reflected in her quaint speeches.

We are sure that Ingrid does not become discouraged in the arts difficult path and that she will reach new brilliant goal in the future.

From Andersen’s short stories to ströms colored stories;
They resemble more Chinese short stories, those Liao told them small to interest the adults. They are like fairy tales and short stories by Andersen for those who belong to history, critics, or stories by Alvaro a winter evening in the extreme south.

Ingrid’s canvases have the feel of a real world, snatched away by an invasive brush that colors and prints with autonomous language that does not ordain, a fairy tale in its early while enjoying a real landscape. Figures with long hair, like fairies had come from the forests, or please witches that calms children who do not want to bed at night.

Painting The manner of this artist from Sweden has an enchanting touch different from other paintings, more concentrated, more sophisticated. Nevertheless, the tone is constant and the colors violence stays the same story level to allow us to go there and enjoy it as Ingrid Ström has brought with her to Italy. Parts of Sweden that we did not know, stones, familiar and dear to the artist because they are an integral part of her landscapes.

Intrusive in syntaktiken but clearly on the path that leads to the thematic labyrinth output. Ingrid Ström is a volcano that realize their art methodically and offer their works to the observer with conviction and reality.

Here lives and works Ingrid Ström in Sweden;
In the green, the green, the sun and the light. At nights the moon in Sweden that makes this part of the world poetic, here it is easy to dream that there are conditions for it. The Nordic landscape makes every practical application possible, both day and night.

In Mölndal is a villa surrounded by tall trees, where colors become words, the landscape turns into characters and then to the fairy tales. On Kämpegatan 38 lives and works the painter Ingrid Ström. Artist and woman. as is written in the English text that Miliarden publishes on page 12 of this number.

Ingrid Ström painting on nights when everything around her is quiet in the villa and stillness reigns. A candle is lit in her studio and then take the brushes texture, the colors wakes up from his sleep and color blend shapes on the canvas a landscape, a figure, a flower or a still life.

Deeper in a poetic shade while she paints and escaping reality.

Here at Kämpegatan 38 lit every evening a light that radiates throughout the night. It is Ingrid Ström painting, alone with herself, alone, yet in the company of her colors, her brushes and her characters.

In the green, the green, the sun and the light. Swedish nights, integral part of a painting that turns into a action, to a story. Every night a short story, a story, a poetry, when Ingrid Ström become a artist and orders the second current, the woman Ingrid Ström to rest.

Newspaper IL Milardo

Avenza di Carrara, Solo Exhibition, 15-30 juni 1977, Galleri Via Campo D’Appio 1, Italy