Ingrid was born (1921-06-25 / 2012-07-23) and raised at a farm in Bokenäs, close to Gullmarsfjorden and Lysekil at the Swedish west coast. Her family, the Carlsson’s was my mother Helena, my dad Johan and my siblings Karl Henry, Anna Sofia Kristina, Nils Siegfrid and Signe Ingegerd.

Mother Helena (1921-06-25 / 2012-07-23) was very interested in art which she got from her mother. Ingrid and her sister Signe sketched and drew constantly which ended up with a huge consumption of pens, crayons and paper which father Johan (1877-03-03 / 1955-05-01) was kind enough to buy every time he went to the city.

One day for over fifty years ago (written in the seventies), the photographer came to the farm in Bohusläns parish, in the best clothes and with the farm’s pride “Horses” we photographed, from left. Johan (father), “Bambi”, the Grand Star, Nils, Ingrid, Signe, Sofia, Freja, Henry, Little Star, Helena (mother),”Tuss”(a silver fox).

Painting of the photograph above.

Same day for over fifty years ago (written in the seventies), when the photographer came to the farm in Bohusläns parish.

One day in junior level school Ingrid found some colored crayons by the black board, and she tested them during a break. The result was a horse that my teacher liked so much, as it stayed at the board for the rest of the year so we calculated and wrote around it.

Ingrid and Signe found a ditch where there was good clay to form shapes with, they worked very hard in shaping the horses in the clay and they were placed in the deep window recesses in the stable. This was noticed by another farmer who was visiting, regarding this attention dad (Johan) said that they have finer horses in his “stable” than you have in yours”.

The basis of The horse’s importance in Ingrid’s Life; A farm wasn’t known for the size but for how many horses it had. therefore came the horse automatically and came to mean a lot to Ingrid and her siblings in many respects. For Ingrid, this has been reflected in her life / artistic life. Her favorite horse at the farm was Bruno. He was an outgoing, personal horse with many ideas of his own. Ingrid was thrown off more than once from our bareback riding adventures.

Father Johan (1877-03-03 / 1955-05-01) knew a lot about horses and had several prizewinning animals. The horse had a position at the farm as the ultimate being. Beautiful, powerful, self minded and most of all a benefiter at the farm. The farm in those days wouldn’t survive without the daily benefits from the horse. A farm wasn’t known for the size but for how many horses it had.

Ingrid met her husband Arne Ström in 1946-47 and they got married in 1949. In 1963 they moved to a house in Mölndal and when the children got older I had more time for my artwork. when the space in their house started to feel cramped Ingrid saw an advertisement for a house in Krokslätt with the most fantastic studio, built by the sculptor Arvid Bryth, 1975 the family moved to Kämpegatan 38 in Mölndal. The house with its studio really set Ingrids creative spirit free.

All of the production that is shown at this website was created in the studio at Kämpegatan 38, between 1975 and 2008. despite that Ingrid 1977 suffered a severe stroke, which meant a long hospital stay and a long convalescence at home. The serious stroke consequences corrected incredible but true, slowly but surely, something you never imagined or belief (only hope) although Ingrid was very well restored, she always been drawn with the side effects of this event. Ingrid started painting already in the hospital and then continued on her return home to paint as much as Ingrid could and coped.

Ingrid started a bit later after returning home on a course in lithography by Gösta Andersson in his lithographic workshop (konhusbodarna in Gothenburg) and home on kämpegatan 38 began work in the studio to return to “normal” in the end as if this horrible experience never happened, later in the most intense work period, Ingrid worked mostly at night to avoid any kind of disturbance.

Ambition development; Between trips from Artists Collective Workshop KKV, Gösta Anderssons Lithographic Workshop, exhibitions etc. there was always an ambition to grow through new techniques. Paperlithography and acryl collage are examples of new technologies that interested Ingrid lot, but still there was a very strong ambition to maintain her other techniques and also develop them more.

Philosophy regarding dating; Why Ingrids paintings aren’t dated depends mostly on that her total production is created between 1975 and 2008 and that sometimes it’s difficult to know when a painting is really finished.

Course leader; Ingrid was a course leader in Art Paintings Courses organized by Medborgarskolan for a few years partly at home in the studio (kämpegatan 38) and partly in Åby School premises, see also tab “Ingrid/Studies”.

The Theft; 1988, three paintings was stolen at an art exhibition at Aby trotting track in Mölndal, on the specially invited vernissage guests had gone up in the restaurant when the thief hit, see also tab “Ingrid/The Theft”.

Bookworm; Ingrid always was a bookworm and have always devoted time to this, that my “other” great interest which is relaxing, and general knowledge when Ingrid read in principle all “omnivore” however, with more attention firstly to Art History but also novels, history in general, this interest has naturally “breach of” and given her perspective, and also served as an inspiration for her art and creativity for Ingrid a most positive way. Ingrids favorite books are Sigrid Undset (Trilogy Kristin Lavransdotter) and Kay Mc Grath: Seeds of Singing.

Ingrids siblings; Sister Sofia, very talented to handle and work with fabrics (see further under Traditional clothing Bohuslän), Ingrid and Signe was equally talented in artistic expression, however Ingrid developed more than most due Signe “stayed” at home on the farm and took care of Helena and John (Mom and Dad) and thus had no time to developed in the same manner. Fantastic to Ingrid’s sisters Sofia and Signe develop their artistic talents in different forms.ngrid’s brothers Henry and Nils was very talented in different ways as they took advantage of his way to develop their agriculture.

Ingrid’s breadth and capacity for work as an artist; It is astonishing when you get a insight into how many different techniques Ingrid worked with, if you also add to that the extensive production Ingrid accomplished between 1975 and 2008 in the studio on Kämpegatan 38, you become speechless, see the different techniques that interested Ingrid tabs “Gallery” – “Ingrid/Studies” – “Ingrid/Biography”.