Helena, Johan

Mother Helena (1889-06-03 / 1953-03-09 – Married 1914-06-22) was very interested in art which she got from her mother. Helena was born Hammar on related which we can follow for seven generations back in author William Bergs writings of Bohuslän, publisher Wettergren & Kerber in Gothenburg. Where Wilhelm Berg fully describes the relationship from Mother Helena Hammar back to the year 1643, when Nils Hammar sea captain in the Royal Danish Navy and married to Margareta Christensdotter, daughter (illegitimate ) of King Christian IV of Denmark, got Dragsmarks kloster in fief by the king. Marriage of Nils Hammar and Margareta Christensdotter was held at Copenhagen Castle 1617-11-02. Supremacy took care of their illegitimate daughters and sons.

Father Johan (1877-03-03 / 1955-05-01 – Married 1914-06-22) wasn’t really interested in art but he knew a lot about horses and had several prizewinning animals. The horse had a position at the farm as the ultimate being. Beautiful, powerful, self minded and most of all a benefiter at the farm. The farm in those days wouldn’t survive without the daily benefits from the horse. A farm wasn’t known for the size but for how many horses it had.

Grandma was Juliana Sofia Josefsdotter (1847-05-04 / 1909-08-17 – Married 1886-12-12) and Grandpa was Birger Gottfrid Hammar (1862-08-12 / 1948-06-15 – Married 1886-12-12) born on headyard on Kloster, Dragsmark, resident at stora skår 1887. Children Simon Birger Ulrik (1887-09-20 / 1947-05-19 – Cause of death drowning – Unmarried – buried 1947-07-25) and Helena Sofia (1889-06-03 / 1953-03-09 – Married 1914-06-22).