1948 took Arne Ström (1918-09-23 / 2005-04-01) marine engineer degree, before and after that served Arne on different ships in ten years. When he landed, he was employed at Sahlgrenska Hospital, as first machinist and later Chief Engineer, where he stayed until his retirement. Arne received document memory as war sailors within the latch against Björkö. Arne was passionate stamp collector with contacts all over the world, especially Germany and Eastern Europe, additionally, Arne was incredibly talented and interested in mathematics and technical tax questions which he has also worked extensively with at their leisure.

Arne was naturally very interested in politics, son of Gothenburg profile, politician Albin Ström (1892-11-28 / 1962-06-22), see below.

Albin Ström (1892-11-28 / 1962-06-22); Sailor, construction workers, Architect (Handicraft Society School), politicians, Gothenburg Profile, He was a politician that sat deep tracks in the political history nationally in The Swedish Parliament and locally in Gothenburg. Albin Ström was born and raised in a cottage in Dalsland (Ljuvalås in Ånimskog) with a family that consisted of Father (August), Mother (Anna-Sofia) brothers Gunnar Gustaf, Vitalis and a half-sister Betty.

1942 got Albin Ström spend a period on Härlanda prison for his critical articles and speeches on Nazism in Sweden and abroad.

The fight against blackout and the government’s appeasement policy – Albins own words about; Right from the start we were given put hard against hard. Our manifested confiscated and our newspaper was suffered the one after the other seizure after another, a total of 28 times. During the years 1940-1943, we conducted many hundreds of meetings with German troop transports through the country. The opinions storm together with the Allied victories, which made part of the government realized that it kept on the wrong horse. This campaign was the most extensive that the party conducted and meetings were held from Trelleborg in the south to Harnosand in the North. Certainly the overall attendance at these meetings well over 1/4 million.

Name preparation Gothenburg City council; 2011 will be a motion to Gothenburg City council of Carl Ek, another politician who suggested that a street would be named after Albin Ström. The motion was rejected by an opinion from the name of the preparation January 19, 2012 which, among other things said: Some concrete examples of what Albin Ström achieved for the people of Gothenburg would be difficult to find. It would be more accurate to describe him as one of the 1900s less successful politicians.

Johan Lönnroths reaction about statement from name preparation council´s rejection; It is shocking unfairly, i doubt if there is any politician who did more for the people of Gothenburg than Albin Ström. He was the leader in the struggle to improve the conditions of poor and unemployed during the crisis of the early 30s.He fought against property speculation and sugar rental and was a driving force in the tenant movement. He took the initiative to a senior citizens’ association here in Gothenburg, which is now recognized as the origin of both today’s large senior citizen organizations.

2014 gave Johan Lönnroth a book about Albin Ström (publisher raven), the book came out in a new edition 2106 and became also Course Literature on the Department of History in Gothenburg. The book’s title is “Albin Ström and the libertarian groove in the Swedish labor movement” and can be bought at